Wakefield’s Historic Upper Westgate

Commissioned by Historic England and Wakefield Council, as part of the Upper Westgate Heritage Action Zone, I created a series of artworks inspired by the area’s textile past.

Delving into Wakefield Museum’s collections I was fascinated by the fabric samples and tools I found there. The illustrations I created are a bespoke interpretation on textiles from a linen book (originating from late Georgian Wakefield) kept in the collection at Wakefield Museum.

Shapes and patterns from Westgate’s grade-listed buildings can be seen intertwined into the work.

Exhibited on a series of five lamppost banners the artwork encourages passers-by to look up — drawing their attention to Westgate’s beautiful architecture. 

The Upper Westgate High Street Heritage Action Zone is a four-year scheme, part-funded by Wakefield Council and Historic England ending in 2023 which will breathe new life into historic streets and yards off Upper Westgate.

Photographs by: Hove & Co